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Call Her King of Nursing

America Needs a Nurse. Workplace injustices cause death, disease, and poverty.

Over 2 decades of Service Excellence:
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Call her king of nursing.


America Needs a Nurse. Workplace injustices cause death, disease, and poverty.

After a four-year battle with her former employer, a self-governed entity, Ronald Reagan University of California, Los Angeles, where she was robbed of her state and federal rights. Marginalized, and treated as less than a person, and less than a member of the most trusted profession, she was treated as a Slave. She was left for dead. All because she had the audacity to pursue rights. With expectations to be accommodated as a qualified person with a disability. A single woman of two. No family to help support this ultimate battle for her mind and soul, Glennae stood alone. She coped with and prevailed the system of employment discrimination. She couldn’t understand why having what she thought was equality was so hard for her. Having experienced racism, and discrimination her whole life, she knew somethings felt familiar but strangely different. Risking her way of life to save her life. She saw past the smoke screens of racism. Then pushed past fear, clinical depression, and pain associated with white supremacy.
What she discovered
• The workplace is the dichotomy between the kingdom of God and the traditions of men. You only can serve one God.
• Your failure to appropriately cope with the system to prevail is the cause of America’s public health crises of death, disease, and poverty, so you had better choose the right one.
Health information to protect your health, life, and bring liberty to professionals willing to trust in God
This memoir is a needed testimony for this generation and the next as you struggle to understand life. As you struggle to understand good and evil. As you struggle to understand God and your role as a Christian professional inside the walls of the corporation. Yet Here I Stand is the first of its kind. A breath of fresh air.
Glennae takes you on her journey and shares her life of an unthinkable to survive adverse childhood. Growing up in the inner city, having given birth to her daughter at the age of sixteen. She recalls telling the delivery nurse “I’m going to be a nurse too.”  Despite being a junior high school dropout, surviving a traumatic adolescence and young adulthood, she accomplishes her dream. She was living the American dream. Until she became an American ‘undesirable’ to the corporation and held in bondage, she decided to test the theory of God and reject the theory of psychiatry as she finds her way out of the gas chamber, the system of discrimination, alive. She now lives a life of Liberty, promise, and provision.
Glennae is the creator of Naesvision a nurse enterprise in media and education. And the creator of a new nurse specialty Workplace Justice Strategist™ It is the nurse responsibility to protect and promote health for all willing of cope to prevail the system.

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