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Naesvision is a nurse enterprise in media and education.

 Discrimination and racism will forever be a part of the fiber of America. Despite the many laws, training programs, and millions spent to stop illegal discrimination from happening It continues. Why? because of white supremacy. And because the kingdom of God and the traditions of men are in the workplace. 
It is time to teach how to prevail over workplace injustice(s) at anti-discrimination laws. How to advocate for, protect, and restore your own life so that you are not taken advantage of by corporate medicine, law, and administration. 
 My duty as a Professional Registered Nurse is the prevention of illness. America’s public health crisis of overmedication, physical and mental illness, premature death, suicide, and poverty is a direct result of workplace injustices whether you are the employee or the employer. 
Read how I did it in Yet Here I Stand ebook or paperback 

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Mission: Give you the strategy you need to appropriately cope with and survive injustices in the workplace to have Better health, better Life, Liberty™

  • Scholar- use of the full body of nursing knowledge to transfer health information to the people to master decision-making skills and improve healthy outcome.
  • Community- Advocate, protect, and restore the health of the individual through empowering education.  improving communities and the nation as the end result.
  • Communication- Address and bridge the gap of knowledge for bold application and consistent positive outcomes. 
  • Empathy-  Show you my life of what fear, clinical depression, and pain is professionally theorized to be. Then teach you what God says it is. 
  • Transparency- Speak, write, and educate from lived and healed academic and professional experience.
  • Finance- to show the importance of paying yourself at least a tenth of all your income first. 
To create leaders through art, science, and the Word of God as reason to understand how to push past fear, depression, and pain as it relates to white supremacy in or nation. Resulting in healed individuals, healed communities, and a healed nation.
Become a member of Naesvision and learn how to advocate, protect, and restore your health when you are facing workplace injustices.
Be king
Love always

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