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The Rape of American Nurses

When Nurses Fall We all Die

Over 2 decades of Service Excellence:
June 24, 2017 0 comments


From the moment I visited the employee health center at Ronald Reagan, University of California, Los Angeles, for a workplace injury I incurred while working in the Intensive Care Unit, I knew my life was about to take a drastic change. I was facing systems of discrimination. I’ve faced ‘racial’ discrimination my whole life, even while working as a nurse there, and it has no ill effect on the outcome of my life. However, once systems of discrimination were introduced to me, beginning with filing a doctor’s first report, segregation and tyranny followed. Under the guise of UCLA’s self-insured nation, evil was exposed. Every earthly material possession and ally I had acquired, and paid for, was controlled, and dictated by them–shit got real–real fast. I had to quickly master these 5 steps I will share with you to prevail over oppression and saved my life. Because, suddenly, at the peak of my career, I was at increased risk of death and poverty as a nurse, and so are you.

Nursing you Through your Workplace Woes.

Before I move forward, as a woman, a mother, and the nurse of our country’s first virtual nurse clinic for the people’s interest, I want you to take a moment to reflect on the spiritual rapes happening, all around you. We senselessly spend more time, money, and effort over the complaint and defense of corporeal rapes done to our flesh than corporate rapes done to our spirit. That must change. Before every corporate rape happens there’s an opportunity for you to stand in the truth. To say no. To put up a fight. To take control and not hand over your most precious possession: your ability to think and act righteously in an effort to protect your body (promised land) against evils in the workplace.

Ok, because of the lack of knowledge to appropriately cope with Adverse Employment Experiences American workers are at increased risk of death and poverty. Which includes over-medication, physical/mental illnesses, premature death/suicide/homicide. You are capable of learning the skills needed to endure and prevail corporate games being played when systems of discrimination happen. It’s my duty as a professional registered nurse, who survived the most heinous of corporate slavery in our modern time to care for you and see you through.

What I noticed:

  • During the years 2012-2016 that claims of disability discrimination reported to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) decreased in the same years the number of tent cities throughout Los Angeles increased. Is there a correlation? Yes, for me there was. (I will not be providing stats, google them, I am providing solutions).
  •  If I was a ‘good employee’ to my employer, accept their welfare, sit quietly, ignore my anxiety to do something for fear of being labeled by man everything mental but the Son of God, trust them, and their allies while on modified duty. Well beyond a reasonable amount of time, accept their diagnosis, medications, treatment plans, and not ask to be reasonably accommodated as a qualified person with a disability they would fire me once I forfeited time.
  • And I would have no recourse.

The only system to prevail systems of discrimination causing death and poverty to American workers is with Naesvision. Join me to learn the 5 proven steps to Better health, better Life, Liberty. ™

How to Fight Your Battle in the Spirit

The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. This violence and violent behavior take place in the minds of those called to fight for justice in the workplace. And, It’s transmuted as anxiety, fear, clinical depression, and pain on our physical bodies. Because of errored thinking, we lose the battle. I will teach you through the science of nursing combined with my very own professional and life experiences how I stood my ground, protected my spirit, and guaranteed the destination of my soul to my Creator. I made a righteous choice to stand alone in opposition to the traditions of men, and I won.
I lost vested benefits, claims to insurance I paid tens of thousands of dollars into, but I went two years without any income, and never missed a mortgage payment. I kept my good name and was given new territory to heal you, and prepare you to not fall victim to America’s public health crisis.
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Don’t let nobody make decisions for you, own yourself.
be king,
love always.

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