She Ready! Liberation Now!
Its time to Slay

As a result of what I do African American women and their healthcare providers learn strategies that bring better health and life when involved in systemic discrimination.

Our goal is to eliminate disease and scarcity through sound decision making.

As a healthcare professional, I provide practical steps to break free from systems of oppression to live a purpose driven life in liberty.

Who do you know?


Over 2 decades of Service Excellence:

Americas ONLY solution to boldly, professionally, and strategically exercise your freedom to pursue rights AND protect your health while doing it is here.

White Supremacy in Healthcare

The difference is black and white.

You have an awareness of oppression, they do not.

You cannot complain to an industry and expect to be healed when they don’t understand what you’re talking about, neither, can they provide the only solution for you to prosper.

That’s why

You deserve a healthcare provider skilled in overcoming personal and professional adversity.


You deserve a healthcare provider willing to share pivotal moments of revelations, experiences, and healing with you and your family.


You deserve a healthcare provider willing to be the liaison between your spiritual needs and ignorance of mental health and psychiatric industries regarding your unique needs as Black women.


You deserve a healthcare provider with the ONLY solution to win your case against injustices.

To help communicate why you must consider yourself as a business and not a commodity we will discuss in terms of:

  • The workplace because it is relatable.
  • The process of nursing because it is practical.
  • The Word of God because it is sensible