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Effects of White Supremacy in Healthcare

Over 2 decades of Service Excellence:
October 11, 2017 1 comment

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Effects of White Supremacy in Healthcare

Hello and welcome to Naesvision, a nurse enterprise in media and education.With multiple products and services to serve you to better health, life, and liberty.I’m Glennae, chief nurse in charge of better health choices and outcomes for African American women, employees navigating systems of systemic discrimination, and their families. This unique population deserves strategy currently unavailable in the healthcare industry to endure corporate games that attempt to disable them and remain healthy while doing it.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

We all know American history, right? And, I will not be spending much time on it or its negative effect on the psyche of Blacks in America. I will, however, use history to show you points of reference, and not to point fingers, or place blame. My remaining time on Earth is for solutions. I, yours truly, happen to have the ONLY solution for liberation. If it weren’t so, I wouldn’t say it.

Now, if you want a life filled with promise and provision, without excuses, then you must use your freedom, your birthright, to exercise your human rights in places they are personally denied, demeaned, or rejected. Meaning this is your fight. Before you choose to do nothing, you should know that doing nothing is a choice. Both require labor. One you labor for the sake of labor. The other, you labor to enter promised rest.

If you endure the path to enter rest (your calling, vocation) that will put you on your course to finding liberty. He is at the end of the law.

That course will also send you through major fear, depression, and pain. Why? It’s the process of learning to choose good and reject evil. Separating the flesh man from the spirit man.

You can bear it. You are designed to win.

Ready? Be sharp as a serpent, gentle as a dove, they don’t understand where you are coming from. Come on now, let’s go. Follow me!

The Difference is Black and White

Do you know who Samuel S. Cartwright was?

He coined the term Drapetomania because Blacks wanted freedom from their masters. They just couldn’t understand why you’re not happy and wanted to leave.

Drapetomania was a conjectural mental illness that, in 1851, American physician Samuel A. Cartwright hypothesized as the cause of black slaves fleeing captivity.[1]:41 It has since been debunked as pseudoscience[2]:2 and part of the edifice of scientific racism.[3]

He’s dead now, but the premise of his works remains within Psychiatry.

Psychiatry’s treatment plans and diagnosis for Blacks with physical and mental complaints of adversity is also pseudoscience. That’s right, I said it. Here’s why. Black is the complete absorption of light, white negates light. Light is the awareness of the presence of God. We as people are only manifestations of the word. That industry is built on displaced superiority complexes in favor of the corporation to keep feelings of disempowerment prominent amongst those absorbed with light. If you don’t know who God is his presence near you feel like anxiety, fear, depression, and pain. He can be frightful on the flesh and the enemy knows this.

What we labeled as signs and symptoms of clinical depression may be your opportunity to be used by God. Complain to a white supremacist industry about awareness of the Creator you will be labeled crazy, and taken advantage of. That awareness is your gift. Would you like to know how to use it? Yes?

First, back to the concept of Drapetomania. It still exists. The corporations of America still impinge negatively on its workers for the benefit of the corporation and you still want to be free.

This impingement is called “business decisions,” and that’s their job, however, when decisions harm human interest oppression happens. Then your lack of discriminating good and evil without respect of person causes moral distress and conflict. Moral distress leads to a plethora of diseases, one being depression. Depression is the same word as oppression. When business decisions are made against your wellbeing you must learn how, in righteousness, to boldly and professionally do your job, which is to make business decisions for righteousness.

You can never lose doing the right thing, never.

Psychiatry is good, right?

I’m into words and their meaning ‘n stuff, it’s my aptitude. Psyche means soul. Essentially, you’re asking if soul care is a good thing. The answer is yes. I spent two years on the couch trying to understand the labor pains I was enduring to give birth to my promise. The most valuable thing she said to me was “Glennae, you’re too BIG for the bedside.” Parts of me wasn’t ready to let go. It was comfortable and familiar, and I was good at it.

Before we got there, I had to get her through the notions:

  • That I was wasn’t that type of clinically depressed.
  • That I wasn’t that type of delusional.
  • That I wasn’t that type of paranoid.

Yet, all those things were happening to me in sound thinking, my job? Believe.

Most people have the living and getting by phase perfected. When it comes to dying to self to have life you think you’re not supposed to suffer.

An awareness of the darkness of systemic discrimination, enduring fear, persecutions, and suffering associated with it is strange and mind-boggling, but it’s exactly where you’re supposed to be.

I know, with over twenty years of healthcare service, and a life lived running from God, I almost, almost, fell victim to America’s public health crises of death, disease and poverty for disbelief. I have the lamp allow me to light the way.

So, is Talk Therapy and Medications a Good Thing?

Depends, what are your goals? Are you

  • Trying to talk yourself out of getting to your next level living?
  • Wanting to make your Goliath appear small?
  • Trying to ignore Goliath?
  • Wanting to tolerate Goliath taunting you?

David! Or are you wanting to slay his ass, walk up to him and behead him? Then walk into your promised land healthy and free to create your own. The choice is yours.

I went to the couch for a few reasons. I wrote about it in my memoir. Mainly I had to use my time to hear myself think and strategize to win my corporate game. Girls night out wasn’t going to cut it. Self-soothing, or pacifying myself with man’s attention wasn’t an option for me. My life as I knew it was on the line. My mental and economic health were at risk. And everyone, even Christian’s advice pointed toward trusting myself, my own ability, and the corporation over trusting God. They couldn’t see why I was so unhappy or my oppression. Everything looked so good on the outside, inside, violence. I was being called. Pulled to my destiny, albeit kicking and screaming. I want to help you not kick and scream, get there faster. You need relatable, practical, and sensible information to make your own decisions from a nurse whose legal and moral responsibility is to advocate for, protect, and restore health. Plus, one that’s skilled at making decisions that bring life.

Disclaimer: Psychiatry has the power to change your life by insisting that you are a danger to yourself i.e. trying to run from a captivity. You may be forced medication to kill that light. I’m just saying, it’s tough. I knew where to be quiet and wait and pray. Man, they almost had me, I almost lost it. I was thinking of reintroducing myself. Remember Christopher Dorner? Real shit. My workplace and human rights were being denied and no one cared, believed in what I knew, or understood my perspective. That will set off anybody with awareness. And, you know what? I was right. You must get this health information.

Is it really about God vs Satan?

The truth can only be revealed at the end of the trial, don’t trade.

God v Satan; good v evil; positive and negative. Whatever you call it. I call them Jehovah and Lucifer, and I know them both very well. The answer is yes, yes. And yes. Ask anyone caught in conflict and or mental illness because of the corporation and there’s always a God component. They’ve been exposed to the truth and somewhere denied it. Then given away to strong delusions for believing the lie over the truth. All you need to do is know the signs and choose righteousness.

How Can I Prepare Myself for Liberation?

You can’t. You have everything you need within. You have been practicing since childhood. Your calling isn’t dependent on your preparation but your health outcomes are. I want to educate you on getting these three areas together for the CHECKMATE.

  1. The corporations and you (your role when employment issues cause you moral distress and conflict)
  2. The corporeal and you (your role when living hurts)
  3. The incorporeal and you (identifying perverse or sound thinking)

But, you’re just a nurse

The American Nurse Association States:

nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations–ANA

That’s a very broad scope of practice. I have carved out a niche or two:

  • Nurse Liaison
  • Workplace Justice Strategist, WJS, a new nursing specialty.
The workplace is by far the largest area of moral distress that leads to America’s public health crises of death, disease, and poverty for all people. Especially when there’s an awareness that something ain’t right. If you’re following the policy and the laws, doing your part and still coming up short for the benefit of the corporation you need a liaison skilled in healing corporate disease so that you come through a whole, justified, and liberated new creator.
As a Workplace Justice Strategist, WJS, I provide the education and planning necessary to conquer and heal workplace issues. Not just physical workplaces, but spiritual workplaces as well.

Nursing Diagnosis

yes, we diagnose and treat conditions of human response too

  • White supremacy is a disease, manifested by displaced superiority complexes, or feelings of disempowerment. Related to lack of knowledge and willingness to act in self-love.

White supremacy is more than skin deep, it’s a reflection of the condition and destinations of our souls. You are accountable for what you have the knowledge to do and don’t do.

Not on My Watch

If clinical depression, fear, anxiety, and emotional pain is caused by your inappropriate response to coping with the corporation, decisions made to satisfy and or serve the flesh, and you know the right things to do but are an unbeliever you should join me. Medications like antidepressants are not the right indication for you here, education is. Changing your thinking will save your life.

If you need to schedule an appointment for a free 15 min consultation please email me at

Naesvision is not therapy or for a person in crises. If you are in crises please call 911 or visit your local emergency room for immediate help.


  • There’s a different psychology between black and white
  • Just because a professional doesn’t get it you are still liable to decide
  • Take care of your soul it has a destination
  • Make sound decisions
  • Master those three major areas in your life
  • Believe that you are more valuable than the corporation
  • America needs a chief nurse
  • Then become a member at

Questions or concerns? email me @

leave me a message telling me your thoughts and how to best serve you through understanding your adversity, dealing with the three areas of corporations, so that you soar.


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