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Employment Attorneys + Healthcare Industries = Sickness  

Persisting for liberation

Over 2 decades of Service Excellence:
June 7, 2017 0 comments

Employment attorneys are the intelligence behind every mediation, negotiation, and complaint related to Adverse Employment Experiences (AEEs). 

As a registered nurse, my uncompromised goal is patient safety.

As I reflect on the discrimination, the hostile work environment, and corporate marginalization I suffered while working as a nurse at Ronald Reagan University of California Los Angeles RRUCLA and the many pitfalls placed before me because I was unwilling to compromise. Makes me grateful I didn’t listen to the advice of the corporate doctors, administrators, and attorneys with the outcome of my life.

(I wouldn’t be able to share this wealth of information.) CHECKMATE.

It was hard to stand alone. It looked like I would lose. It looked like I was self-sabotaging my own life, and in a way I was. It’s all about perspective.

My problem? With my two decades of healthcare experience, I knew none of them were telling the truth. Their interest wasn’t me.

I knew that the word attorney comes from the root word attorn, meaning to turn, turn from one homage to another, to transfer from one lordship to another. I just needed to pay attention to what was happening, stay calm, and persist.

When the wretched, complainers, and plaintiffs of workplace injustices want justice and equality we consult attorneys. But, is it the best thing to do for registered nurses whose job is to care? Persisting the resistance gave me liberation. Are you ready to be liberated?

Winning your Case

When AEEs occur so does enlightenment. Within your consciousness, in the midst of human controversy is the truth. This truth is trying to guide you through the confusion. This truth is also what you are being turned from. This turning moves you off the road of favor and prosperity to contempt and failure. Employment attorneys are aware of this, (psychiatry too, more about this in my next blog) yet they take advantage of hurt feelings, bruised egos, and your fear of standing up and speaking up rightfully for your own needs. Leaving remnants of the issue within the individual and the corporation to cause continued distress and continued arguments to be mediated and compensated.

Because corporations are artificial persons, meaning they don’t exist, It’s condition is the reflection of the internal condition of your administrators, those who represent the company. 

It bothered me so much that I presented policy and stated laws that Ronald Reagan  University of California Los Angeles  wasn’t following in order to be accommodated and in an instant it was redefined and reinterpreted to keep me from having it. All I wanted was to work, what I deserved, to be accommodated, it’s the law. 

When you understand how to exercise your rights at anti-discrimination laws the evils of white supremacy, biases, and superiority complexes we experience as discrimination, retaliation, marginalization, and hostile work environments will be your vocation. 

Know your Rights and be Willing to Exercise them.

When I was negotiating with UCLA’s administrators to be accommodated as a person with a legally defined disability, who happens to be a woman, and Black, the resistance I suffered was unbelievable, unbearable, and oppressive. I was told that I think that I deserve a job. I was hoping to be heard and accepted as a qualified person with a disability. We hope to have access to and be granted the law when we are in need and rightfully ask for them, but because we are women, Black, and disabled we are denied. Denied regardless of our education level or our status within the company. We are devalued. Decisions are made for us, decisions that don’t completely fit our needs. We deserve to be complete. Have you ever asked for something attempting to create that thing called life/work balance, and the administrators, the attorneys, the doctors who are in complete control to help with that balance decide they won’t and deny you? What you really want is harmony. I’ll show you through my nursing practice how to harmonize. Let them balance.

Are you Ready for Liberation?

Becoming a person of power begins with having the capacity, ability, and willingness to pursue rights to the end of the law, without being turned, without trading your human rights, without a doubt. That takes self-examination to see your situation clearly, knowledge of what fear, depression, and pain is so that your faith will not waiver. Identification of your goals, strategic planning, patience to wait, knowing how to wait, and understanding how to evaluate progress for continued hope. Once you get through this transition transformation is easy.

To learn this process download 5 Proven Steps to Prevail Workplace Injustices to become a member of my exclusive virtual nurse clinic, only email subscribers will gain access to teleseminars, webinars, and live events. Let’s begin the discussion for real preventative healthcare.

To see how I did it read, Yet Here I Stand my Journey from Bondage to Liberty.

Be king
Love always

Americas Nurse, Glennae

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