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Over 2 decades of Service Excellence:

When the Black Woman Is Healthy, America Is Healthy.

Click for full Biography Glennae E. Davis is a registered nurse with over twenty years of healthcare experience. Author of a critically acclaimed memoir, Yet Here I Stand, Glennae shows readers how she used adverse childhood experiences to overcome the psychological damage of workplace discrimination, preventing stress-related illnesses like systemic lupus, clinical depression and living with fixed income. Glennae went from gang banging to patient education as a lung transplant coordinator, where she faced illegal discrimination. Unsteady medical, legal and administrative advice left her confused. Instead, Glennae decided to exercise her faith in the Word of God. Revealing the Truth of God’s promise to deliver his people avoiding misdiagnosis, mental illness, and poverty. Glennae’s passion for justice led her to create a new nurse specialty: workplace justice strategist. Through it she provides essential client education to protect the human interest.