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HIV the New Slavery?

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True Liberation is it Physical, or Mental?

Let’s talk about sex, the Black woman, and her desire for liberation. Three critical topics near and dear to me as a Black woman and a healthcare professional (registered nurse) that found liberation through understanding the mind-body connection unique to African Americans and our community since slavery. Recognizing where there are patterns of health disparities caused me to push boundaries, take risks, then challenge administrators’ discriminatory practices against humanity. This battle of defending my image awakened the vision. The possibility of having better health, better life, and liberty for us beyond victimization through the corporation’s bottom line. Application of knowledge gained and the testing of theories lead to a new practice in nursing: Workplace Justice Strategist (WJS).

You deserve justice. In every labor intense activity you find yourself in there are decisions to be made. To be successful, you’ll need a nurse skilled in decision making in three major life areas:

  • The corporation, the system and you (trumping discrimination, racism, and white supremacy on the job site)
  • The corporeal, the flesh and you ( relationships and physical/material concerns)
  • The incorporeal and you ( developing correct thinking)

Workplace Justice Strategy has one goal: eliminate health disparities in African Americans women. With one reason: When the Black Woman is Healthy, America is Healthy.

True Liberation is Mental not Physical

Our sexual identity also has its painful, unhealthy, roots in slavery. Us, the Mother of all civilization continue to be objectified, marginalized, dehumanized, vandalized and appropriated as the property of the United States of America’s corporate systems. Sex sells. You should know sexual liberation cannot co-exist with life in liberty. The concept behind sexual liberation’s identity and its behavior is a false sense of liberation. Seeded into the psyche of the Black Woman since 1619 in an effort to merchandise her for the benefit of the corporation.

Today you’re still encouraged to give your body away for a taste of freedom.

Indicating an internally broken and divided woman continuing to serve the needs and wants of someone else before her true self. Liberation requires a wait. The wait is to not negotiate your moral concerns, your talent and your gifts for the benefit of the corporation. Not to settle for easing the pain felt at the flesh or for material concerns, and developing correct thinking. You can only be one or the other bond or free.

What are the connections between sexual liberation and health policy?

The same concept and exploitation of our bodies since slavery are the same reason(s) Black women are infected with HIV, for the financial gains of the corporation, the pharmaceutical industry. However, If we change the way we think, change the way we educate, If we break free from dependency on “the man” we will heal our communities, our next generation, and our nation. Woman, America has been waiting for you to know your status and role in America. Say yes to healthier outcomes.

By the end of this blog, you will have a better understanding of how Photo courtesy of

  • Desires for freedom is reflected in our sexual identify/behaviors.
  • HIV risks and infections are the new slavery.
  • Fear, Clinical Depression, and Pain are necessary experiences to break free from oppression.

Why you Need Workplace Justice Strategy

Before I move forward, allow me to share a quick story about how I got here as a registered nurse. It was during the years 2012-2015, I was facing horrifying, intentional reinterpretations of policy by my former employer Ronald Reagan, University of California, Los Angeles that almost left me in death, disease, and poverty. Administrative nurses, disability managers, and corporate doctors used their power to keep me from accessing state and federal workplace rights. Birthrights that at face value seemed to apply to me. But, because of my status in America as a Black woman, I was seen as disabled and denied an opportunity to be equal. I was hurt and disgusted. With over two decades of healthcare experience, there was not one healthcare professional willing to ‘Do No Harm’ or ‘Advocate for, Protect, or help Restore’ my health. Oaths and roles of the medical doctor and professional registered nurse.


Then I thought of you, my people, what you must go through, the traps you fall into when illness happens because of your personal labor with the system. Attempting to use your freedom to find liberty. You enter the healthcare industry in want of sound advice to fight back against systematic discrimination unique to us and find none. I was beyond disturbed. Finding nothing but a diagnosis of Clinical Depression and prescriptions to fill and try. Suggestions on how to tolerate a system we are designed to overcome. Reminders of why I shouldn’t fight back. So that I don’t lose income and valuable benefits.

I was in want of true liberation. It didn’t take long to understand the purpose of Psychiatry’s infiltration in the healthcare industry. I couldn’t believe anything the professionals proposed to me. There was no truth that affirmed with the truth within me. I needed allies for personal growth. Instead, I was reminded that UCLA is a corporation what can I do?

Left with two options: fight strategically in the spirit and pursue what’s mine. Or run from the truth within and be defeated. The professionals encourage me to disregard and negotiate my moral integrity. Settle for external peace in favor of material things. Do you know those material things isn’t superior to vision? When you have an internal order that will manifest outer prosperity. Change your mind life will change.

Sistah, you know! It’s like when we compromise ourselves to have a piece of a relationship. The more we persist, the more he resists. Even if he stays abuse in some form violates, and we tolerate. Well, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s the same tenacity and understanding it takes to pursue birthrights. The difference? You’ll chase a man that doesn’t want you longer than your promised inheritance. Are you ready to fight in areas you’re guaranteed to win? Say yes to spiritual discernment.

Fight or Flight?

It takes an awareness of your skills to know what to fight for and when to run. Once you have an appreciation that your awareness and complaint of systemic discrimination is actually your deliverance and unknowing complaint of spiritual discernment you’ll quit complaining to the wrong god looking to be saved and pursue your opportunity for greatness and walk into salvation.

As a member of the most trusted profession in America, as well as a Faith-Based believer in the Word of God I was left with no option but to try and test his system against the world’s system, and we win. God always checkmates. I didn’t fall victim to America’s public health crisis of death, disease, and poverty for unbelief.

Getting to liberty is hard work. He is at the end of the law. The journey will take you through fear, clinical depression, and pain. It’s not what Psychiatry claims it to be. Psychiatric medications in this area is a wrong indication of use. You need to be educated how to advocate, protect, and restore your own health.

The rewards of believing the light within you will not be handed to you. You can’t just “give it to God.” He needs a body to use. You must labor for it. You can do it. I wrote about what it took for me in Yet Here I Stand My Journey from Bondage to Liberty. I am not an Island.

Black in America.

In Yet Here I Stand I talk about epiphanies. The most impressive are how I connected my calling through truths shown to me. One is why Black women are infected with HIV. Today I am transferring that information to you. Showing you where to find truth in your own life. Truths are not the same as facts. Facts give a point of reference to debate. There is no debating your truth. Follow it.

Let’s discuss the hard facts about us as published by the Center for Disease Control.

  • African Americans are the racial/ethnic group most affected by HIV in the United States
  • Blacks/African Americans account for a higher proportion of new HIV diagnoses, those living with HIV, and those ever diagnosed with AIDS, compared to other(s) races/ethnicities.
  • In 2015, African Americans accounted for 45% of HIV diagnoses, though they comprise 12% of the US population.b
  • 17,670 African Americans were diagnosed with HIV in the United States (13,070 men and 4,524 women)
  • 48% (8,702) of those diagnosed with AIDS in the United States were African Americans

What my colleagues at the CDC has just told you:

Meaning, we are still unprotected in the United States of America. 

What the CDC is doing

The CDC has a goal to decrease HIV in all communities, however, their information is biased. Rooted in white supremacy and against our better health outcomes. I will talk to my colleagues about needed changes in our profession, but first, I want to speak with you about these numbers. 

How the numbers impact us

Wow, those numbers. Interpreting statistical numbers are hard. Before I knew statistics, I was overwhelmed thinking “I must already be HIV positive.” The statistical information lowered my self-esteem. I felt disempowerment of mind, body, and soul. When facts are given and truth disregarded it creates an illusion of lack. You lack no good thing. Similar to paralyzing fear experienced when testing for HIV that’s the same fear and ignorance we live in when it comes to closing the gap of health disparities in America. You must know yourself. Be willing to follow your truth. Know your role, gifts, and talents in America, and remember that life here is about business. Learn to make righteous business decisions for yourself. Don’t make it easy for them to merchandise you. Pursue birthrights when it’s your time. Labor to enter into rest. When we fail to do those things death, disease, and poverty take president in our life.


Navigating the obstacles

There are two things in this world you should fear. The first is God. The second, you fail to labor to enter promised rest. Everything on the outside of those two is because of low self-esteem and feelings of disempowerment when met with displaced superiority complexes. The process is, and always will be to live, die, then have the life. There are no shortcuts. There is no magic man in the sky. The process lasts as long as it takes for you to get it. The more knowledge you gain and apply the faster you’ll get through to the other side of life in liberty. Another realization that helped me is understanding that oppression and depression are the same words. One we’re told doesn’t exist because they have no awareness of it. The other is marketed to keep you living in the flesh. If you haven’t read my point of view on Drapetomania check it out here. 

Journey with me

In life, there is a pain to be dealt. Understanding your unique pain is imperative for your growth. There comes a time when you must consider yourself and take that journey. Liberation Now! Women’s Health with an Urban Flair™ is a product of Naesvision. Naesvision is a nurse enterprise in media and health education to help you understand the process to live, die, then have the life of your dreams. 

Let’s stay in contact:

When your course is run, and your trial complete I want you to be able to look back over the obstacles in your life, and the people used to get you to your highest point and be able to say with a forgiving heart Yet Here I Stand. Victory won.

When the Black women is healthy, America is healthy.

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