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Black Racist

The Road to Freedom

Over 2 decades of Service Excellence:
May 20, 2017 0 comments

The key to freedom from white supremacy for African Americans Israelites is to know their true identity as the chosen people of God, Hebrew Israelites, tribe of Judah. And, the courage to exercise free will to follow the light within each and every one of us to the end of the law.

It’s designed to set the Black man Israelites free.

When I was a little girl about the age of seven or eight I was laying on our green shag carpet watching our Zenith floor model. Then I heard it. Heard some white man say that word racist and It hit me with such force. In glee, I sat up, and said to my mother with confidence “I’m a racist.” She shot back at me and said:
“You are not a racist gurl.” And held that look. That look that says you better just pick up what I put down and not say that shit again.
Well, I, like every other Black child knows better than to talk back to Mother. So my voice rescinded, but my position remained. “I am a racist.” I uttered in my brain. I love the human race what else could a racist be? Needless to say, I found out that many don’t share the same perspective as me. However, I held on to the conviction given to me.
When we become aware of something, particularly an issue within the system it’s an attempt to position you. Get you ready for your call.
Have you ever experienced a moment where you knew you were supposed to do or say something but didn’t quite understand why?
If you didn’t do that thing you was supposed to do regret followed. Even flashes of memory take you back to where you missed the mark.
Or, if you were obedient there was complete satisfaction followed by praises and recognition.
Our calling works the same way. Some event peeks our spiritual attention to be used by God. If you deny it there’s regret. Regret that cannot be met with tolerance, but violence, internal violence, violence in the form of fear, depression, and pain.
The Importance of Single-Mindedness.
Disbelief that God will do exactly what he says he will do, put his hand on our life in terrible ways for disobedience, yet when it comes to our workplaces Christians are continually disobeying by putting the interest of the corporation, even their own paycheck, over the interest of humanity, which is evil. Moral evil is the cause of America’s public health crisis of over medications, physical and mental illnesses, premature death, suicide, and poverty.
How? The dichotomy between the kingdom of God and the traditions of men are in the workplace.
I wrote about my path of life and death, and my successful win against white supremacy in the systems of corporate America as well as the role of the psychiatric industry involving it all in Yet Here I Stand,my Journey from Bondage to Liberty.
Your Calling isn’t Dependent on your Preparation, but your Healthy Outcomes are.
Desiring freedom isn’t crazy. It isn’t something Blacks need to get over. Our desire for freedom is real. Because of the evil of white supremacy our complaints are treated as mental illnesses linked to white supremacist theories. Then diagnosed when we present to our doctors or mental health clinics for help to be set free from oppression unique to us.
During my Journey from Bondage to Liberty I studied and tested why it was so hard for me as a professional registered nurse with two decades of healthcare experience to be accommodated.
Why every system I went to for help wanted me to trade and negotiate my rights. Why some doctors fail to practice “Do no harm.” And, how they wanted to push highly addictive opioids, antidepressants and other unnecessary treatments on me to deny the truth, and get back to production, or be labeled to receive a paycheck. I saw clearly what was happening and all I thought about was you.

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My legal role is to advocate for, protect and restore the health of the American people. I am going to show you how to boldly and professionally cope with systems of white supremacy by using the science of nursing, the Word of God as the reason, and my very own journey so that you come through whole, justified, and liberated.
Be king
Love always,
Glennae E. Davis

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