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Christians, Employment Discrimination, & The Kingdom of God

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Over 2 decades of Service Excellence:

Glennae uses the science of nursing as an expert Workplace Justice Strategist™ for strategy, winning, and better health outcomes when facing discrimination in the workplace.

Do you know that workplace injustice is the cause of America’s public health crises of death and poverty?

Our #1 goal is to provide preventative health information for the personal development of the people of our great nation that suffer wanting equality and social justice.

Do you know that when you file an administrative complaint referrals to employment assistance programs, attorneys, and doctors are also offered? They are not your allies if you want real justice and liberty.

  • Discover what you should know BEFORE you retain an employment attorney to re-present you when you should be re-presenting Christ.
  • Discover the complications and resistance you will meet so that you are prepared to handle the pressure.
We also understand that when you complain about illegal issues in the workplace to your doctors or therapist they will diagnose you everything mental but the Son of God.
  • Discover what fear, clinical depression, and pain is when pursuing your rights so that you are not given prescription antipsychotics and antidepressants for the wrong reason, at the wrong time.
Becoming a member will provide you and your loved ones with VITAL information needed to advocate, protect, and restore health and life. And, give you the confidence you need to pursue rights in the land of the free, and the home of the brave. So that you come through whole, justified, and liberated as you professionally cope with the system to prevail to your promised life. 
Naesvision is a Nurse Enterprise in Media and Education exclusively for the people’s interest.

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