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Because OPPOSITION is always OPPORTUNITY for righteousness, even in the workplace, learn the game, don’t fall victim to America’s public health crisis.

I’ve spent a lifetime seeing through the smoke screens of racism, and pushing past the fear, depression, and pain associated with white supremacy until my ultimate battle was won in the workplace. Then I understood: systemic discrimination is spiritual discernment.

Over 2 decades of Service Excellence:

As a healthcare provider with over 20 years of healthcare experience, I entered the healthcare system with physical and mental complaints of workplace injustices related to systemic discrimination, manifested by white supremacy. I had the desire to pursue my rights. It was hard. I was referred to employee assistance program, then to a psychiatrist, and given the diagnosis Clinical Depression. My very real battle of life or death was attributed to chemicals off balance in my brain. I was skeptical, however, something was off within me. It hurt, I was fearful, isolated and in pain. My issue with that theory is this: as a healthcare provider I have never seen a blood test to confirm those claims. Chemicals are easily measured. And, it would’ve been easier to blame something I had no control over, but making the decision to take control of my situation saved my life. My position then and now is that my Clinical Depression was caused by real external oppression. I couldn’t have my rights. I was denied them over and over again despite asking for them and qualifying for them. The denial of my human rights. The finagling and twisting of my workplace, state and federal rights. The intrusion of my personal life by my former employer Ronald Reagan University of California Los Angeles in an effort to disable me because of administrative superiority complexes and their perfected practice of systemic discrimination disguised as “business decision” caused my Clinical Depression. They were my oppressor.
Before I received help I took a medication called Cymbalta. Cymbalta is an antidepressant with an added benefit marketed to help relieve musculoskeletal pain, which was the source of my disability. That medication isn’t fit for human consumption. It took over a year to stop having brain zaps every time I formed a thought as a side effect of stopping. Then, because I didn’t want to take any more medications, I was offered shock therapy. There I stood caught between two realms: good and evil, Truth and the lie. Would I please the pagan gods? Risk my finances and benefits I’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars into? Risk being labeled and discredited? Risk denying the truth trying to come through me?
Shock therapy was suggested because University of California Los Angeles is a corporation, a good job, and I shouldn’t be upset about their business decisions. I’ve come so far in my life already, I shouldn’t risk losing it all, or what else would I do?
The shock! And, the shock therapy would have taken place at my oppressor’s house. FUCK THAT. I have a God, but where the hell was he? I wanted to die. I wanted death to come to me. No one understood my unique needs. No one got it. It really couldn’t be this hard, but it is. Then the Word of God echoed within my consciousness. “Die” Unless a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.
Then I understood. I understood the difference between mental health and illness. I understood the pseudoscience of psychiatry contrasted against the Science of God. I choose to hear the positive side of fear, depression, and pain; and I died to self, instead of committing suicide.
Because I chose love because I stayed til the end and didn’t close my own door, because I didn’t believe the professionals with my better health outcomes or deny my needs or trade the truth for 30 pieces of silver and followed the truth of the law to the end it liberated me.
I healed.
I lived for two years without an income and I didn’t miss a payment, dinner out with friends, or a flight out of town. I wrote my first memoir Yet Here I Stand and created Naesvision a virtual nurse clinic. I am bearing fruit for generations as the Word of God promised.  
Psychiatry will diagnosis you everything mental but the Son of God.
I will diagnose you the Son of God and provide you the information needed to trust your course.  
Health comes through repentance of old ways and acknowledgment and confession to him of wrong ways.
We are accountable.
There’s a need for mental health education for the people of God to learn correct thinking absent of white supremacy. My life is an open book, read it, know me. I have been chosen for this work, follow me. I would like to see you at the beginning stages of anger, grief, and feeling of not belonging. I’d like to teach you how to consider yourself as a business and not a commodity. I’d like to advocate, protect, and restore you. That is a nurse’s duty.
Join my virtual nurse clinic so that you learn to see the positive side of fear, depression, and pain no matter your calling, mine happen to be the healthcare industry.
Be king,
Don’t let nobody make decisions for you
Own yourself
Love always.
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I’m an EXPERT decision maker. I know God. I have been chosen to lead you through workplace issues that lead to death, disease, and poverty click the link to check out my bio.

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