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Over 2 decades of Service Excellence:

I help Christian men and women professionals navigate through systems of physical and spiritual employment discrimination.

I am an expert Workplace Justice Strategist™ our labor is not about flesh and blood.

I help you not only navigate the system in the physical. I help you see the opportunity in your opposition, your need to act in righteousness so that you don’t fall victim to America’s public health crises of death, disease, and poverty.


Navigate the System

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Bondage or Justice & Liberty?

Does it feel like no one quite understands what you are going through when you’re the victim of systemic discrimination?

Every professional wants you to take this offer, negotiate that one, and suppress those emotions with medications? Well, they are just doing their job, as a Christian it’s up to you to do yours.

Both parties should be making business decisions. Let me help you make righteous decisions that bring health and prosperity for yourself, your community, and the next generation.

Decision making is hard. I am an expert at it.  Imagine yourself so focused on having better health, better life, and liberty that you are unafraid to reject offers from professionals that does not work for you, your family, or your community. 

Are you ready to:

Stop those ruminating thoughts of “what ifs” and get crystal clear on the details of your situation
Gain key insights of your objective and subjective perspectives so that you focus only on the Truth.
Name your enemy, know who you are fighting. Is it the Corporation, an artificial entity? Or corporeal, your hunger for flesh, and material things.
Reveal your BIG vision of yourself by Identifying Outcomes that will give you purpose of completing the task and confidence to run towards the goal.
Stop talking about what you gone do and be about it? Planning and Implementation of your next best moves, using what you have to get what you want.
Evaluate your growth, learn to hear affirmations and reject confusion so that you are not deterred from your path.


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