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Godly Gorgeous & Gansta When you’re absolutely positively sure you’re ready to slay white supremacy, Glife™

Have you spent a lifetime tolerating racism? Sick from the fear, depression, and pain associated with white supremacy? Me too, until I won my ultimate battle in the workplace, by considering my image, and thinking of myself as a business and it set me free.

Your image, which is your name, interest, and the big vision of yourself is your territory. They belong to you. When there’s a risk of losing your image through “business decisions” (Your image VS the corporation’s image) protecting your territory, in righteousness, is your only option. You can’t stand against a system designed to kill, steal, and destroy you without knowledge of the positive side of fear, depression, and pain. As a registered nurse my moral and legal responsibility is to protect your health, provide you with the information you need as you protect your image and pursue your rights to better health, life, and liberty.

Learn the strategy to slay your enemy, not make him small.

Whether your battle is with the corporation, corporeal, or running from God.I am here to help you see with your spiritual eye. Make spiritual decisions that will cause you to triumph over systems designed to keep you down.


Join me for better health, life, and liberty.

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